What happens after you sign up for the service:


What happens after you sign up for the service:

  1. You will give us details of your pet and send a picture
  2. You will give us your current veterinary and telephone number
  3. You will give us your pet’s “approved handlers” (walkers, pet sitters, or neighbors who are approved by your pet to move your pet)
  4. You will describe pet care details to include preferred food, feeding times, medicines given, and grooming preferences
  5. We will set up a call with your Pet Guardian so we completely understand your wishes for your pet
  6. We will send you the Pet Trust contract and Pet Care Plan for your signature.
  7. The service starts with the signed contract. If an emergency happens, we have all that we need to take care of your pet.
  8. You will get a Welcome Kit with a brochure, dog tag with customer number, and a Care Note to Pet Friends.

When an emergency happens, first take care of yourself. Second, have someone call us: 855-KEEP PET.
We will respond and take care of your pet according to our instructions. Hopefully, you will never have an emergency. We are ready if needed.

Updates: We will still keep in contact quarterly to request a review of your pet’s care plan.

What to expect in your Welcome Kit: We will send you a Welcome Letter, Login for our Customer App to update your pet information, a dog tag alert for your pet or your key chain, and an emergency wallet card. The contract will be emailed for your signature.

Still have questions? Please contact us.