Services: Stella’s Next Chapter – Re-Homing

Re-homing for your pet when needed

If your pet should out-live you, we will place him in your chosen new home. We arrange for your beloved pet’s care until he is placed into his new home. All Guardianship actions will include:

  • coordinate safe pickup of your pet
  • placement of your pet into your approved family or facility
  • communication of food requirements
  • pet medical power of attorney for veterinary emergencies during this time
  • price includes all expenses.

No additional expenses will be required of your pet’s new parents. Services are for one pet only. The fee is a one-time fee. If there are other pets to be covered for the same owner, please change the quantity at time of check out.

Number of Pets Covered for Stella’s Next Chapter

Select all that apply

1 Pet $250

2nd Pet (+ $60.00)

3 or More Pets (+ $90.00)

2 thoughts on “Services: Stella’s Next Chapter – Re-Homing”

  1. Pete Lindquist says:

    You were highly recommended by Cherrywood Village, where we moved my wife yesterday. Her dog and my daughter’s dog are not compatible, and we have to rehome Moxie, a 7 year old Boxer mix. Can you help us?

    1. admin says:

      Hi Pete, I am sorry for your loss. Our services are pro-active – ie. we get with the pet owner prior to an emergency and map out the responses, service providers, or new owners. Then we contact these contacts to confirm the owner’s wishes. Unfortunately, we could only provide some resources for re-homing. Again, I hope your family found some peace.

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