What is the reason for “Keep Stella Safe”?

Her name is Stella. She is the founder’s American Staffordshire Terrier and the reason for this service. Stella is a loyal companion. She is full of life and much attached to me. She protects, walks, watches over, comforts and plays with me. She follows me everywhere I go and is my office mate at work. She is a wonderful dog. Although she has some separation anxiety, she is overjoyed when I return home. Life is good for her…… as long as I come home.

What if I can’t come home? What if I have an automobile accident while away from Stella?   Who could take care of Stella the same day? Where could she be boarded and how would I get her there? If Animal Control Services were to pick up Stella, she would likely be killed due to our unjust Breed Specific Laws in our state. Stella is classified with the “bully” breeds. If Stella lost me then lost her life without seeing me again, that would literally break my heart.

We have great emergency services for humans: police, fire department, first responders, emergency rooms, hospitals, etc. Because of our great social services, there would be a coordinated effort to help me and get me well. How do I keep Stella safe until I return? And, how do I help other pet parents?  This is the reason for our services, “KeepStellaSafe.com”. We are devoting our time and energy to keeping your best friend, fur baby, pet safe. 

If you have an emergency, we take care of your beloved pet until your return.

Jenny Simmons, Founder and Pet Guardian
Stella Ventures LLC
720 Austin Ave, Ste. 100-304
​Erie, CO  80516
Toll free:      (855) KEEP PET (855-533-7738)

Stella Simmons